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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Scott Kurtz is a jerk. But, of course, we all knew that already.

Religious hijinks from PvP
Ok, before you all judge me, let me say right out that this post is not going to be one of those "How DARE Scott Kurtz be so anti-Christian" type of things. Penny Arcade has had a few Jesus Jokes over the years which I've had no objections to. Heck, Mousewax has been making Jesus jokes for about a month now and I haven't stopped reading him yet.
My point here is that Scott Kurtz is up to his old tricks of insensitivity. I know he's trying to be funny here, but to me it just comes off as him saying "Oh, you were offended by me using a profanity in the strip yesterday? Well, now I'm REALLY gonna offend you, so there." And that's really unnecessary.
If you get aggravated because a bunch of people complain about something you thought was pretty benign (and it was pretty benign. You people watch TV anymore?), you can do the polite thing and say "Well, I guess we disagree. Sorry." Or you can even do what most people would do and tell them "Shut up, I could care less." Or at the very least make an angry blog post stating "You people are all idiots, stop emailing me!"
But you take the very thing which is so important to these people, the thing they hold so dear that they flamed you with emails just for using his name out of context, and you put him in your comic where HE mocks them for their beliefs??? That's just being a jerk about it. And Scott Kurtz (or anyone) should have more class than that.
I get the feeling this particular comic is going to have repercussions. I can't say what they will be yet, but they are forthcoming. After all, we all remember The Jack Chick Incident.


At 10:57 AM, Anonymous Jen said...

Kurtz used to try and write for his audience, but it really bummed him out after a while. So now he does what he wants, and doesn't let his audience rule what he draws. Does that make him insensitive? yeah. But his comic is still my favorite.

(but RPG world is getting up there. I hate you, Matt. ;) )

At 10:17 AM, Anonymous WHAK said...


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