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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Now that's what I call a Jesus joke.

Jesus gets banned at Mousewax
I alluded to this in my previous post, but Brandon Lewis has been doing Jesus jokes over at Mousewax for almost a month now. It's been pretty hit or miss with me. It was novel at first, with the whole story arc about Jesus "dying" and them interviewing for a new Savior, but once the strip turned to George Bush jokes I got bored pretty quick. I mean, people have been making George Bush jokes for nigh on five years now, and they've trod over the same ground so many times there's just no grass left there anymore, you know?

But back to the point of this post, which to draw a contrast between this strip and Scott Kurtz' Jesus strip of a few days ago. This is the type of joke I enjoy, because the humor is found not in the mocking of a specific group of people or beliefs, but in the discordance and absurdity of the situation presented in the strip. Not only is JESUS, THE SON OF GOD, playing World of Warcraft, but he's getting banned for cheating at it. The administrators claim he has broken the rules by playing in "god mode", to which Jesus can only reply, "But... I AM God." And that's the line that really did it for me. It works on so many levels. Being God, shouldn't he have the right to play on god mode? In fact, would it be just a little concerning if he played any other way? He's only doing what comes naturally to him, and here he's being told that he, GOD, is wrong by some punk sysadmin. How else could he possibly respond but with complete incredulity?

Of course, if we want to delve down another level, we could ask, since he's God, wouldn't he have known this was going to happen? And how can God be surprised by anything anyways? But travelling that path can only lead to headaches, so I'm going to simply sit back and enjoy the joke.

If I were Eric Burns I'd be giving Brandon Lewis a tasty, tasty biscuit right now, but I'm not, so all I can offer him a saltine cracker and some peanut butter.



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