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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Because it's true.

Hitting the nail on the head from a very old Mac Hall
As a relative late-comer to the world of webcomics (I've only been seriously into them for about a year and a half now), I spend a great deal of my time reading archives. This is a bit of my anal-retentiveness showing itself, I just can't stand to not read the entire story. Your website may have the greatest summary page in the world, but I'll still go back and read every single strip, guest strip, side-story, special page, etc that is on the site. I've just got to know it all.
So, yeah, I spend a lot of my time reading archives, and in many cases the length of the archive alone is enough to keep me away from a site for awhile. I'm still avoiding Melonpool, which from the few strips I've read is obviously a comic I would enjoy, because it's archive is HUGE. I'll get around to it some weekend, though.
And that brings me to this post. I'm currently reading through the archive of Mac Hall, a comic I've been putting off reading for far too long. So far, it seems like Mac Hall is kind of like a combination of Applegeeks and Ctrl-Alt-Del: Similar in both pacing and art style to Applegeeks but more of a "gamers living together" theme of Ctrl-Alt-Del. And I can definitely see why people like it. While there is a vague sense of continuity, each strip stands on its own.
But that's not the real reason for this post. The real reason for this post is the strip I just read, a small snippet of which I included at the top of this post (click on the picture of Fred about to disembowel himself to see the whole comic). I think most of you will recognize the man in the strip as Fred Gallagher from Megatokyo. This strip really made me laugh, because it captures Fred's personality so perfectly. In just about every other blog post he writes he's talking about how he's not happy with what he drew, or the story's not progressing as he would like it to, or he's apologizing for yet another Dead Piro Day. I could just see myself attending a con and going to a Megatokyo panel only to see poor Fred try to kill himself in some fashion or other, as recompense for all the trauma he's put us poor deluded Megatokyo fans through. And that's what makes this strip so funny, it seems so ludicrous and yet so plausible at the same time.
Way to go, Matt and Ian. Sorry this pat on the back for a job well done is coming about 4 years too late. Ah, well.


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