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Monday, March 13, 2006


Ok, first off you guys should all know I've got a new article up at Comixpedia for my "Through the Looking Back Glass" series. Props to Xerxes for editing my stuff until it actually sounds more like a legitimate article than an extended blog post.

Secondly, in case you hadn't already noticed, the "Monthly review of what's going on in every webcomic I read" has pretty much gone away (so much for that resolution), because it took me like days to write the dang thing. I'm just going to focus on normal commentary for now.

Thirdly, you'll notice the sidebar has changed once again. First, I changed the description of me to be less self-deprecating. Eric Burns posted some thoughts on running a critical blog, and I thought I pretty much held to all the guidelines he mentioned except I do tend to have sort of the "just a guy with a blog" mentality, so I'm going to start taking things a bit more seriously around here. I really want The Webcomicker to be a place of commentary for people who like webcomics and also useful information for aspiring webcomickers like myself (hence the articles about stuff like web design. I'm still planning a series on Content Management Systems at some point). So anyways, I changed my little "Who am I? Why are you reading me?" tagline to something a bit more informative and confident. Also, In my continuing efforts to group my links in a more meaningful way, I've once again shuffled the links around. Hopefully you can find everything.

Ok, so let's talk about what I've been reading. Obviously, Piled Higher and Deeper has been added to my list of stuff I read. I also added Checkerboard Nightmare, because I just realized that for some reason it never got on the list. Weird. Maybe because I thought it ended (which it did... kinda...). Apparently I forgot to add On the Rocks as well, it's there now. Same with Schlock Mercenary.

I also added My Life in Records, which you will here more about as time goes on. I've read it since it started a few months back, but was hesitant to add it because I didn't know if it would last. Since it looks like it's at least going to be around for awhile, I feel safe in adding it to the list now.

As for stuff I'm reading, I've been slowly working my way through Goats (at slower than snail's pace right now), and my reading list has got a couple of other strips in the backlog that I haven't taken more than a passing glance at (Everything Jake comes to mind). I've just been too bogged down with work to do much reading (keep repeating to myself, "the thesis will be done in August, the thesis will be done in August...").

That being said, I'm looking to add some more manga-style strips to the stuff I read. I'm a huge fan of anime and manga, but I don't read much online because (let's face it) most of the manga stuff online is either crappy or way too inaccessible to the non-hardcore fan. So if anyone knows anything good, let me know!

I'm still annoyed that I haven't written anything commentary-wise in awhile, and there's really stuff I want to talk about (Winger in particular), but things aren't looking promising for this week.


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