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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A brief apology and teaser for things to come!

Sorry for the relative lack of posts lately. I've been meaning to post more (especially with Websnark on break) but a combination of factors have kept me away. I've been working from my parent's computer while I'm vacationing at their house, and I just don't feel comfortable working on a computer that's not my own, you know? Does anyone else ever feel that way? Also I've been cooking some new projects for my ever expanding portfolio, so those screaming kettles have resulted in me putting the Webcomicker blog onto the back burner and turning the heat down to "simmer".

Anyways, one neat thing I've got going that's fast approaching the boiling point is a little experiment with content management for webcomics which will hopefully coincide with a new webcomic experiment of my own that I'm planning to launch. It will hopefully be a learning experience for everyone as I demonstrate a few of the webcomic content management systems available and what can be done with them, and at the same time experiment with a writing form which is completely new for me. I expect fun times.

For those of you that want a preview, the two main webcomic content management systems I'm going to be showing off are CUSP and Chalupa, so you can check them out if your curious to get a sneak peek. If anyone knows of any other content management systems designed specifically for webcomics (not just like some work-around with Moveable Type), please let me know.

What's my ultimate goal in this? To help webcomics artists be able to create the most functional, best looking, most all-around professional websites with a minimum of effort on their part. You shouldn't have to be an HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP guru to have a well functioning, nice-looking site. You should have an option which lets you do it simply. And so my quest begins.


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