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Saturday, March 18, 2006


Classic. Just classic. From PvP

Ok, I know Scott Kurtz isn't a big fan of when people over-analyze his stuff, so I'm going to try not to delve to deeply into this particular strip aside from the fact that it was absolutely hilarious. When I read this strip, I'm pretty sure I laughed harder than I've laughed at PvP, like, ever.

The thing that makes it so great is that it works on so many levels. First off you have the concept of Brent and Skull body-swapped, which is a goldmine of humor right there, and since the audience knows this they're coming in primed for some funny jokes.

Then there's the idea that when Brent tells Skull to act like him the only thing he can think to do is make lewd references about sexual escapades with Jade. Since Skull's pretty much panicking at this point, that means he's just saying the first thing that comes to mind (as Skull is wont to do when he panics), and that means the first thing he thinks of when thinking of Brent is that Brent is some kind of sex-crazed maniac who likes to talk about his adventures. And that's pretty funny.

Then there's the fact that Cole actually falls for it, which implies that at least to a certain degree Skull's knee jerk impersonation was at least reasonably close to how Brent really acts.

Then there's the final cherry-on-top punchline: "Boobs. It's what's for dinner."

The pacing in this comic is great, ramping up the humor to a new level in each panel until on the last panel you're just falling out of your chair. Well done, Kurtz. Well done indeed.

I owe you a beer.


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