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Saturday, June 03, 2006

The really big news about Birdsworth: Talkies!

Talkies! Click on the link to watch the very first test episode of the Birdsworth Comics Talkies.

Ok, it took me all week to get it up, but it's finally ready: The first Birdsworth Comics Talkie is on the air! The dialogue is based on Print #4.

This first episode was really just a test for me to learn how to use Flash. In the future, episodes should be somewhat longer and probably won't strictly adhere to the text of the comic like this one. I'm hoping to make this a regular feature of Birdsworth, and therefore give you guys some fun extra content, hopefully on a weekly basis (although I doubt I could keep that up).

Some notes on the format of the Talkies:

  1. The music was provided by The Walter Boyd Band, which is headed by the artist for Birdsworth, Grant Thomas. But I totally screwed up the link to their website in the credits. It should be:
  2. The other voices in the cartoon are my roommate and his girlfriend. I chose them because they're always around the apartment, so it's easy to get recording time in.
  3. The style of limited animation I used was directly inspired by Blamimation. In fact, I learned how to use Flash from reading the tutorial on their website. Thanks, Kris Straub and Scott Kurtz! You guys are fantasticians of the finest order.
  4. You'll also notice in the credits that under "Hosted By" it says "We'll see..." This is because I don't really want to put up the animations on my own site. I don't have any advertising, so it's not like they'll be helping me that way. What I really want is to present Birdsworth Talkies as a vodcast through Clickwheel. I think Clickwheel is a fabulous idea, but obviously their content delivery method for webcomics isn't that great. However, iPod does natively support videos now through vodcasts, so that would be a whole lot more seamless. I haven't actually officially gotten on board with the Clickwheel guys yet though, so I didn't want to put in anything too official.
So let me know what you think of the talkie! Any constructive criticism you have is more than welcome! I especially need to know tips and tricks on working with Flash! Just making that one episode took me forever.


At 12:57 PM, Blogger grant said...

The comic timing on the line deliver was crazy good. You should add a "play this talkie again" button at the end.


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