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Monday, June 26, 2006

There are some things you've just got to steal.

Pure, distilled humor at it's highest proof. From Killer Robots from Space.

Killer Robots from Space is quickly becoming one of my new favorite comics. It makes me laugh out loud in almost every episode. The dialogue in Killer Robots really reminds me a lot of hanging out with my research group at the university, a bunch of grad students who are so embroiled in their own brilliance that the only way they know how to make a joke is to sound out a bit of wittiness with as much elocution and grandiloquence as possible.

Today's Killer Robots strip works on so many levels. But it was panel three (pictured in this post) that really got me laughing. I mean, that line is funny in so many different contexts. I still laugh every time I read it, and I laugh because it sounds so much like the cries of frustration I hear from my fellow researchers when something's just not going right.

And yet, they're talking about bread. I've just got to make that the new tagline for this blog. I've simply gotta. So, thanks and apologies for stealing it, Adam Greengard.

I owe you a beer.


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