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Friday, June 09, 2006

In related news...

Forgot to mention this earlier, but I have another article up over at Comixpedia. Basically I took my old Press Start to Play review, spiced it up a bit, added some nice commentary about video gamer comics in general (as this month is the gamer comic issue).

I'm still trying to get the column I want to write going over there, talking about some of the more techie stuff going on in webcomics (since that's really my bag), but that involves doing interviews, and I'm notoriously bad at getting into contact with people in any sort of meaningful way over the internet.

Continuing along the vein of Comixpedia news, it appears that I'm going to be the official Comixpedia correspondent (or possibly one of several official Comixpedia correspondents) at the San Diego Comicon. Woot. So that means I'm definitely going to be haunting the webcomic tables quite a bit this year, as opposed to last year, when I only waded in to buy merchandise, then faded back into the mist of the many, many panels that Comicon offers (although I did attend all three webcomic panels last year, and they were stellar). This year I'm doing it smart, coming in on Preview Night to buy all my merch, which should leave me with a lot more free time for socializing.

So if you're a webcomicker and you'll be in attendance at Comicon, BEWARE. Because I'll probably hound for an interview. Or a sketch. Or something. Anyways I'll be around, and I'll be blogging all my adventures for Comixpedia.

It should be fun.


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