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Monday, July 03, 2006


The return of Dandy & Company. From... uh, I think you can figure that part out yourself.

So once again I fell silent for about a week, but I feel justified by the fact that I have a Masters thesis due in less than one month's time which I've barely scratched the surface of. Yikes. Not to mention that I'm losing 5 days of this month to Comicon.

But in other news, today we finally saw the return of Dandy & Company. This is a day I've been awaiting for quite some time, as I've missed the cartoony flavor of D&C from my daily reading, with its lush backgrounds and expressive characters.

I like the way the Derrick Fish decided to reintroduce us to the strip, with the implication that the characters have been continuing in their wacky adventures, we just haven't been lucky enough to see them taking place. But it does raise some questions concerning some plot points that were left hanging when Fish went on hiatus. Is Maryweather still soul-searching? Is Bernard still trying to be cool? In this first strip back, Maryweather, Audrey, and Mistake are conspicuously absent, presumably not having been involved in this latest adventure with Bernard, Dandy, and Koko. The ambiguous nature of today's strip leaves me begging for the next episode. And that means it's doing its job of hooking the audience back in. And that's a good way to come back from hiatus.


At 9:21 AM, Blogger Dandy Q. Dog said...

Thanks for the kind words. I can't quite just TELL you what's going to happen in future strips in regards to, say, Maryweather. But I can say that, for now, Bernard is comfortable with his dorkiness. Even if I hadn't gone on Hiatus, the Darth Vader "Noooooo" gag would have been the end of that storyline. (Although, like the common cold, the desire to be cool has a nasty tendency of popping up from time to time.)


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