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Monday, January 16, 2006

It's amazing what you can accomplish with a three-day weekend: Updates

Ok, so I'm finally back in front of my usual computer with a fair amount of free time on a weekend. So what do I do? I read comic archives (I also watched some old episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000, because that's something you've just gotta do from time to time, you know?).

I knocked out three comic archives so far, and with Martin Luther King Jr. Day ahead of me I'll probably knock out at least one more tomorrow. So here's the new ones added to my reading list so far:
Dominic Deegan, Oracle for Hire
Monkey Law
Popcorn Picnic

As always I'll try to give you guys full reviews at some point, but for now suffice to say that Dominic Deegan rocked my socks off when it wasn't being preachy (I mean, come on, a series about safe sex in a medieval fantasy webcomic?? What the heck?), Monkey Law proved to be a clever and funny webcomic in spite of the fact that I didn't agree with the majority of the political views and stereotypes, and Popcorn Picnic has a Penny-Arcade-esque amount of potential to it. In fact, it could become even bigger than Penny Arcade, given time.

At some point I'll expand all those blurbs into reviews for you guys. Until then, just know that all three comics are on my reading list now.

I also updated my links to webcomics related stuff to be somewhat more relevant (What with Honest Webcomic Reviews disappearing and whatnot). I added Comixpedia and Fleen. I will comment on Fleen here at some point, but I want more time to evaluate it first. It is still in it's fledgling stage right now, and a lot of people have been jumping to conclusions about it. I do not jump to conclusions, and I also hesitate to jump on bandwagons as much as possible. As it stands, Fleen is a site with a lot of good webcomic related content, so it's going in the links.


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