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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Coming Soon to a Website Near You!

Once again the crushing weight of the world has left me with no time for chit-chat. Blasted crushing weight of the world...

That being said, keep your eyes peeled over at Comixpedia this week for the roundtable "year in review" article which should be going up sometime tomorrow. I actually participated in this roundtable, so hopefully my responses will be included (they were a little sketchy on the details). Anyways, I'll link it as soon as it appears.

Also, be ready because this week I'm taking the 24 hour comic book challenge. That's right, starting Wednesday, December 14th at noon and running until Thursday, December 15th at noon, I'll be making at least 100 panels of my MiSTEam comic in one contiguous storyline to satisfy the rules for the 24 hour comic book challenge. I'm doing this first of all to alleviate my guilt for having such a crappy outing in Nanowrimo, and secondly because I want to immerse myself in all the various challenges and events the webcomic community has to offer, so I can be a more informed and insightful commentator.

I'll be posting updates of my progress in the 24 hour comic throughout the entire 24 hour period here, and the actual pages will all appear in their usual location. Since I don't have a better idea for a storyline at the moment it's probably going to end up being some kind of Christmas story. Of course, as per the rules, I can't flesh out the entire story ahead of time.

I'll probably have more details Tuesday night.


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