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Friday, December 16, 2005


Ok, I have so much stuff to talk about today that it's not even funny. Today is probably going to have the mosts posts I've ever put up in one day. But I figured I'd start out with an Updates post so everyone knows exactly where I stand.

First of all, changes to the reading list:
I've read through the following comics' archives and have added them to the reading list (in no particular order):
No Need For Bushido

And I've changed Dandy and Company's status to "on hiatus".

For those of you keeping score, my "To Be Read" list currently contains:
Dominic Deegan (in progress)
Girl Genius
Schlock Mercenary
Monkey Law
Keep in mind with the "To Be Read" list that if I start reading something and don't like it, I'll generally just drop it without comment. But that doesn't happen terribly often because I like most things I read.

I reviewed No Need for Bushido earlier this week, and reviews for Shortpacked and Zap are upcoming. I picked up Winger because I saw Eric Burns mention it on Websnark. It's interesting how getting a shout-out on Websnark is like one of the most awesome things that can happen to a webcomic these days, since it pretty much guarantees that a few thousand HARDCORE FANS will come visit your site. These are the people you want visiting your site because these are the people who, if they enjoy your work, will work hard to spread it around.

Anyways, whereas Burns said he visited Winger in spite of it being a conservative comic, I went and visited it BECAUSE he mentioned it was a conservative comic, and those seem to be few and far between these days. Yes, I am a conservative, but not fiercely so, and I NEVER debate politics. So don't even try to start. Anyways, I really enjoyed Winger so I'm going to keep reading it. Don't expect a full review, though, because Burns already sort of did that.


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