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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Giland. Land of the Gi.

The Comixpedia Roundtable is up.

Xerxes credited me as Giland Pellaeon, rather than Gilead Pellaeon, but I don't fault him for it, because for all I know it was me that made the typo in the first place and he just copied it.

Anyways, the roundtable discussion is basically a recap of 2005 and what we webcomic reviewers considered to be the best strips, most interesting events, most influential people, and so on throughout the year. There's a lot of good discussion and it's a good way to remind yourself of everything that's gone on over the past year. At the end of it we give some predictions about where we think webcomics will be going next year, so you should at least read it just so you'll know at the end of next year who was the most accurate (my money's on me).

So give it a glance.


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