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Monday, January 23, 2006

A chance for the fans.

Page one of [Insert Title Here], by the good guys at Panda Xpress.

So, Panda Express turned one year old a few days ago, to which I say: "Congratulations! I thoroughly enjoyed the first year of PX and I'm looking forward to many happy returns!" Panda Xpress really is a great comic, with some of the best use of color (outside of their Pepto Bismol site design, of course) that I've ever seen.

So how did they celebrate? With a self-gratifying pat on the back and a big "hurray for us!"? No, instead they celebrated with something that's purely for the fans: a webcomic written by the fans.

That's right, the Panda Xpress guys are embarking on a new webcomic project that will be written entirely by fan submissions. They've got the guidelines posted up over here, and anyone who wants is free to submit their idea for the next page. If the PX guys decide they like it, they'll lay it out, draw it up, and post it on the web for all to see.

I personally think this is an awesome way not only to give a little present to the fans, but also to develop a more hardcore fanbase and maybe draw in some new readers as well. There's just no feeling quite like seeing your idea get turned into a well drawn strip, especially if you're no artist yourself (like me).

So why not give it a shot? They've got one page up so far and they've selected a page 2, so watch the site, and as soon as page 2 gets posted, dive right in with page 3!

I know I will. I've already got some ideas in mind.


At 12:40 PM, Anonymous PX! said...

Hopefully this project will keep on keepin' on.
The official page 2 for [Insert Title Here] is up.
Thanks for the pimp!!

-PX! Crew

At 4:11 PM, Blogger Scratch Fury said...




So, px!, any chance you'll be moving the comic off of a forum topic and onto a real webpage/site? Perhaps you already answered this on your forum or elsewhere, but I haven't really researched it out yet, so I apologize if this question is redundant. I ask because I use Piperka to track my comics, and I don't think it'll work with forum-style updates... I definitely want to keep track of this comic, so I earnestly hope you have plans for an actual site of some sort in the near future.

At 4:23 PM, Anonymous PX! said...

Our goal is to have it be it's own thing. But we are discovering that as we create more content (comics outside PX!) we don't have a good way to show them. We're working on it. I'd love to give it its own site ASAP, but that takes time and enough people submitting scripts for the pages to come so that it builds it's own momentum. PandaXpress! is our main comic and [ITH] here is an experiment to see if people will want to write this.

Hopefully the response will be good enough that it will merit its own site.

Thanks for the encouragment.

-PX! Crew


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