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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Update on Biggest Webcomic Loser

Ok, I'm officially in the contest now. You can see me over at the participants page. So if anyone wants to pick me as their pony and put up a pledge, I'd only consider that added motivation. Remember, you only pay proportionally to what I lose! (I get the feeling a lot of people that actually know me will go and put up big pledges now, figuring it'll be a sure bet I'll actually end up owing them money at the end.)

I'll try to keep you guys posted on my progress in a fairly consistent manner, perhaps in my monthly roundups. My weight loss method of choice is gonna be Weight Watchers (gimmicky, I know, but I've heard it works), and they require you to weigh in every week, so I'll be able to give a pretty accurate picture of how I'm doing.

And yes, because I am a participant that means from time to time you will get to see my crappy artwork. I'll do my best to make it funny, though.


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