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Monday, April 10, 2006

And once again, I owe someone a beer.

Wiki addiction, from Shortpacked.

I've gotta say, David Willis is probably about the funniest man in the entirety of comics. Maybe not "overall funniest" in terms of setting up some monumentally huge joke and then blowing the entire audience away in a bout of spasm-inducing laughter, but in terms of consistently making me uncontrollably laugh out loud in front of my computer, regardless of the circumstances, Willis is definitely #1.

Look at today's strip. First of all he sets up the perfect situation. We already know Ethan is over-the-top obsessive about Transformers (he's really just a mouthpiece for Willis himself in this respect). And most of us have at one point or another known the addictive power of a wiki. For me its the countless hours I've spent clicking from subject to subject in the Wikipedia. For others it could be The Homestar Runner Wiki, Lost Wiki, or possibly the Wookieepedia. So we know the setup for the joke is that Ethan is hopelessly addicted to the site. And his description of its effect on his life only ramps up energy level. And we just know the comic is going to end with someone pitying how pathetic Ethan is. So we're just waiting to see it.

Then, in the second to last panel we have what we were expecting: "He needs to get laid." But after that there's the extra, snarky comment which adds a bit more humor: "Yeah, by Optimus Prime." Most people would have ended the comic here, allowing the audience to chuckle at the witty banter of the two girls.

David Willis is not most people.

He adds one last panel for the final over-the-top joke which just explodes the humor to full-out guffaw level: "I can get a costume." It's so in fitting with Robin's character and yet still so outrageously unexpected that it hits you like a ton of bricks. A ton of humor bricks.

David Willis, I owe you a beer.


At 1:47 PM, Blogger Nathaniel said...

Humor bricks aren't nearly as funny as they sound. They're actually far heavier than regular bricks.

You know, just in case you were wondering.


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