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Saturday, April 22, 2006

You know, I always wondered this myself.

The creepy world of photo development, from Tweep.

If you haven't been following Tweep the past few weeks, we've been mired in a fairly long storyline in which one of the characters undergoes a fairly mundane task, which is pretty much par for the course in Tweep. Nothing too exciting ever really happens in Tweep, it's pretty much a "slice of life" strip. This doesn't mean it's not good, mind you. Tweep does "slice of life" extremely well, with characters that manage to be colorful and fun without being over the top. Basically everyone in Tweep could be the guy or girl next door, and that's really part of the charm.

Anyways, this storyline has been focused on Julie, and she's going to get pictures developed. It took quite a few strips for her to actually get to the photoshop (slice of life, remember), but now she's finally arrived, and we've been introduced to Brigitte and Phillip, a delightful couple of characters that I've totally enjoyed. They're both so full of energy, but in a real way, not like the hyperactive Robin of Shortpacked or the childlike Skull of PvP. No, Brigitte and Phillip just resonate, like your favorite aunt and uncle.

But I especially liked today's strip. And not just because of the great interplay between the characters and the absolutely spot-on expression on Brigitte's face in panel two. I liked it because this is the sort of thing I've always wondered about, too. Do the people at the photoshop really look through all your pictures and check them? Like, not necessarily in the freaky-stalker way like Robin Williams in One Hour Photo, but still...

See, back in the day I used to work as a camp counselor. And one week I had this really awful bratty terror of a kid. And one of his hobbies was to steal people's cameras. I tried to keep mine locked up, but he got his hands on it anyways and claimed that he took a bunch of pictures of the other kids in our cabin in their underwear. Now, when I got the film developed, there were no such pictures. Nothing even close. And I always wondered if the kid was just messing with me, or if the camera shop just kept those pictures and now I'm on the FBI watchlist. They'll probably resurface if I ever run for Congress or something.

Ah well. At least Tweep made me laugh.


At 10:49 AM, Blogger Michael Briggs said...

Thanks for mentioning Tweep. I wandered over to give it a look and just read the entire comic this morning. So, anyway, thanks for taking the time to bring Tweep to your readers attention.

At 8:44 AM, Blogger Mr Myth said...

Yeah, Tweep is a really nice read. It can be rather relaxing to have a nice, down-to-earth webcomic.

I do agree about liking the photoshop owners - they've got a great back-and-forth dynamic.

At 9:28 PM, Blogger grant said...

Thanks for mentioning this stip. It looks great! The panels are well composed and I love the pacing.


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