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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

And our collective might grows! And swells!

Ok, I've got some new additions to the Robot Army. By the way, some people have asked me recently where the whole "Robot Army" name comes from, and it refers the to incident last year in which Scott McCloud and Penny Arcade got into an argument about an upcoming documentary on webcomics, which was dubbed "Penny Arcade vs. Scott McCloud's Robot Army". I figured most webcomic critics would be more likely to take Scott McCloud's side, so I started calling the webcomics criticism community in general the "Robot Army". So there ya go.

Wax Intellectual - Started by the guys from Terror Island (who I still owe a review), this blog is pretty new, but my only real qualifying criteria for being on the list is that you write about webcomics and you are actively updating. They're trying to get a Fleen-like structure over there, with a bunch of different writers submitting stories, so if anyone's interested in joining I suppose you could just send them an email.

Zhi - Scott Thorton seems to be much more interested in manga webcomics than the average webcomic reviewer, which is great. The world needs to see that more than just angsty high school nerds enjoy manga, and the world needs to be introduced to good manga online, since so much BAD manga exists online. Thorton is able to highlight the differences in both artistic and storytelling style, and he's got some nice writing chops too. This is a blog to keep an eye on.

Mr. Myth - Somehow Mr. Myth has been actively commenting on The Webcomicker for quite some time without me ever remembering to add his blog to the Robot Army. I am ashamed of myself. Mr. Myth's blog is a fun read, and he actually reminds me of me in posting style (not to say that I'm any great thing, but, you know).

So be sure to check these guys out.


At 7:50 PM, Blogger Fabricari said...

Excellent! Thanks for the list - I've added them to my news feeds. I sometimes get tired of everyone in the webcomic sphere covering the same material - there's plenty room for more.

At 3:23 PM, Blogger Mr Myth said...

You should be ashamed, sir!

Actually, I am the one filled with shame, for I cannot find the rest of this robot army for the life of me. How is a simple blogger to learn what mechanical maestros he has found himself joined to the ranks of?

At 8:55 PM, Blogger Andrew Araki said...

I too would like to know who makes up this illustrious robot army.

At 3:42 PM, Anonymous Tropylium said...

Hey, thanks for the heads-ups. Also, here's another reasonably activ one that doesn't seem to be on your list yet:
Lots of detailed "why exactly this comic sucks" dissections + other good stuff. The author does an OK comic too ( but just about nobody seems to be aware of that, to the extent that I've seen people referring to the blog as "Carzorthade"...

I could have sworn that I had more, but so many seem to have gone inactiv. :(


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