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Sunday, September 24, 2006

So true.

An oversized portion of humor, from PvP.

Ok, enough pseudo-intellectual comics art critiquery talk. Time to get back to what this blog was purposed for: commenting on webcomics.

The funniest thing about yesterday's PvP is how true to life it is. I imagine Kurtz himself got the idea for the strip while sitting in an Applebee's, perusing the menu and realizing how ridiculous it is to sell an item named the "Apple Chimicheesecake". One of my favorite humor writers of all time is Dave Barry, and he's won a Pulitzer Prize for doing exactly what Scott Kurtz did in this strip: poking fun at the little absurdities that surround our everyday lives. The things that if we didn't laugh at, we'd just have to cry, because the whole world is just so cheap and fake and stupid sometimes.

Funny people know how to say absurd things, do absurd things, and make a general mockery of life. But truly great comedians know how to find the absurd which already exists and highlight it just enough that their audiences gain and understanding of just how silly we all really are. Well done, Scott Kurtz, you really had me laughing at this one.

Oh, and by the way: "Honey I Fudged the Kids". CLASSIC.

Scott Kurtz, I owe you a beer.


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