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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Various Random Things

Ok, I keep writing this post and Blogger keeps deleting it. It's getting quite annoying.

A couple of things:
-Further apologies for lack of consistent posting. I am busy and lazy at the same time.
-Two new comics added to my reading list: Schlock Mercenary and On the Rocks. If you like sci-fi you'll like Schlock Mercenary. Full review of On the Rocks coming forthwith.
-I got mentioned on the latest Blank Label Comics podcast. I'm a big fan of those podcasts.
-I listened to the first Keenspot Podcast (Keencast) and wasn't terribly impressed. It lacked the energy and humor of the Blank Label Comics podcasts. I did like the news section at the end, but if the news section is the best part, your podcast is in trouble.
-Why is it that all the webcomics podcasts have an eighties-sounding theme song at the beginning? I'm referring here to the BLC podcast, Keencast, and (at least the most recent) Digital Strips. Let's see some originality here, people!


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